Cabernet sauvignon – Other European regions

Cabernet sauvignon - Other European regions

In La Rioja, Marqués de Riscal introduced Cabernet Sauvignon to Spanish wine by planting cuttings from Bordeaux. By 2004, it was the sixth most cultivated red grape in Spain and can be found in varying amounts in several Spanish wine regions, although it is not permitted in Denominaciones de Origen.
The wine regions in question do not assign high-ranking labels to Cabernet Sauvignon wines, but instead label them as “Vino de la Tierra” or “Vino de Mesa”. The grape is mainly cultivated in Penedès, a wine region in Catalonia, where vineyards of Bodegas Torres and Jean León helped to revive its use. It is often blended with Tempranillo.
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The Ribera del Duero region often uses Cabernet Sauvignon as a blending grape in their wines. However, Navarrese producers are known worldwide for their varietal Cabernet Sauvignon wines.
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UK growers have conducted trials of growing this type of grape in plastic tunnels. This method simulates greenhouse conditions and protects grapes from unfavorable weather conditions in wine regions.
Although it is possible to grow grapes in certain wine regions in Germany, such as the Mosel, vineyards most suitable for the maturation of Cabernet grapes are instead used for Riesling. This is because many wine producers prioritize the popularity of the German variety over Cabernet Sauvignon. It should be noted that Cabernet grapes are not usually cultivated in these regions.
During the 1980s, Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon wine gained popularity for its affordability and played a crucial role in its establishment within Bulgaria, as well as its recognition in the international wine market. This grape variety has also played an important role in the wine industries of other Eastern European countries such as Slovenia, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Ukraine, as well as Turkey. It is also found in the Eastern Mediterranean regions of Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Lebanon.
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