Cabernet sauvignon – Other regions of the New World

Cabernet sauvignon - Other regions of the New World


In the 1970s, Australian cabernet sauvignon wines gained recognition for their rich fruity flavors and subtle menthol notes, specifically in the Coonawarra region.

Later, the Margaret River region stood out for producing wines with robust structure and pronounced flavors of black fruits. It is essential to note that both regions played an important role in elevating Australian wines in the international market.
Yarra Valley
In the 1980s, Australia adopted the modern California style and began producing lighter wines suitable for food pairing. These wines had an alcohol content of around 11-12%.
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In the following decade, producers shifted their focus and began prioritizing balance and the flavor of ripe fruit in their wines.
Cabernet sauvignon is currently the second most cultivated red grape variety in Australia, and many winemakers source grapes from various states. The region where cabernet sauvignon is grown in Australia notably influences the flavor of the wine.
The Barossa Valley is known for producing rich and full-bodied wines, while the Clare Valley produces more concentrated and fruity wines. Wines from the Yarra Valley are particularly famous for their balanced acidity and fruity aroma.
Three Wishes' Cabernet Sauvignon

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