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The exquisite fortified wine Marichiweu, from Curauma Wines, is born in the charming Casablanca Valley, in the picturesque region of Las Dichas, Chile. Crafted with love from Pinot Noir grapes, it delights with 20% alcohol and 50 g/Lt of sweetness.


The production of our fortified red wine from Las Dichas in Casablanca is a true art.

We carefully select Pinot Noir grapes, grown in vineyards bathed in sunlight and caressed by cool ocean breezes. After fermentation, we add a special touch of fortification (ethyl alcohol) to enhance the unique flavors and textures.

The wine matures in oak barrels, acquiring elegance and complexity. The result is an oenological gem, with deep color, intense aromas, and a seductive flavor. Each sip is a sensory journey that captures the essence of our beautiful terroir.

This process results in sweet wines with higher alcohol content. These wines can then age in oak barrels, acquiring unique characteristics. The fortification adds complexity and distinction to these wines, creating exceptional experiences for wine lovers.

Tasting Notes

Generous Pinot Noir Wine: An oenological treasure. Intense and brilliant color.

Seductive aromas of red fruits and spices.

On the palate, an explosion of elegant and complex flavors, with notes of ripe plums and chocolate.

Long and persistent finish. A generous wine that delights the senses and showcases the potential of Pinot Noir in this exceptional expression.

How to drink and pair

The generous wine made from Pinot Noir grapes pairs optimally with a varied cheese board.

The smoothness and fruity aromas of the wine enhance the flavors and textures of soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert. Additionally, it can be enjoyed with nuts and fresh fruits such as strawberries and cherries to balance the flavors.

This pairing creates a harmonious gastronomic experience, where the wine and cheeses complement and enhance each other.

Marichiweu – Origin of the Name

In Mapundungun, the language of the Mapuche people from central-southern Chile, Marichiweu means “We Will Triumph Ten Times!” A warrior people who know that the true strength lies in unity, the support of many, and constant passion for what one does. In our roots, there are generations of effort, hands calloused like ancestral trunks, of crystal-clear purity like this wine.

It is no coincidence that the small wine producers have chosen this name for their brand, as it perfectly reflects their fighting spirit and their efforts to position themselves in the competitive wine market. They are true wine warriors!

So, the next time you taste a Marichiweu wine, remember that behind each bottle, there is a team of passionate warriors dedicated to bringing the best of their lands to your glass. It is a great honor to be able to enjoy their effort and dedication with every sip!

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