Marichiweu Fortified

Appellation: Casablanca

A fortified wine is a wine that has been fortified with a chemical compound (grape ethyl alcohol). These compounds are used to prevent wine from spoiling during storage. They can be used in a number of ways, including as a preservative, to protect wines from spoilage, and as a flavoring agent.

The most common fortified wines are sherry and port. Sherry is made from grapes treated with sugar and spices, while port is made from grapes treated with salt and spices.

In addition to being used in winemaking, fortified wines can also be used for other purposes. For example, they can be used to preserve food or drinks such as ice cream or frozen yogurt.

In addition to being useful for winemaking, fortified wines can also be used for other purposes, such as brewing beer or cocktails.

When considering the potential benefits of fortified wines, it is important to take into account their chemical composition and their potential effects on the environment. Furthermore, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with the consumption of fortified wines at any given time.

The Pinot Noir from Las Dichas, in Casablanca, is an excellent wine due to the aromatic intensity it reaches, due to its slow maturation.

The elaboration of this wine involves the use of native yeasts and long storage in barrels for 5 years.

It reaches an alcoholic graduation of 20%.

Tasting notes

Given the high percentage of alcohol in these wines, dense tears can be seen on the sides of the glass (glycerol).

On the nose we can find from white fruit, citrus, stone, red fruit, black. Not very pronounced wood notes. due to the use of old barrels. This aging in wood does contribute, thanks to the slow oxidation through its pores, very complex notes of nuts, chocolate, coffee, and toffee.

In the mouth, the sugar content combined with the fruit is perceived. Flavors of dried fruit, jam, honey accompanied by notes of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and molasses.

How to drink and pairing it

Preferably cold (10ºC). In general, as an aperitif, as a dessert wine option, cocktails.

Many types of cheese, nuts, fruit tarts, and cream or chocolate based desserts have found a wonderful companion to this Marichiweu Fortificado.

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