Weichafe Chardonnay

Appellation: Casablanca 

Weichafe Chardonnay is a white wine from the Las Dichas, in the Casablanca Valley.

Tasting notes

Fruity, without wood, fresh and with a powerful acidity, typical of cold weather wines.
The grapes are harvested at night, with machinery, due to the climatic conditions of the Valley, they are harvested at a temperature of less than 8ºC, which prevents the oxidation of the must while waiting for pressing.
The color is light straw, bright and beautiful. On the nose aromas of quince, almonds and red apple appear, aromas not tropical, but Mediterranean. In the mouth, the citrus notes acquire body with abundant mineral notes. Powerful acidity imparts excellent structure and depth. Young, vibrant and fruity wine.

How to drink it and pairing it.

Consume it between 10ºC and 12ºC with seafood, cebiches, cooked fish and shellfish, as an operation or simply to enjoy it in the company of friends, loves, family and the tribe.

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