Weichafe Pinot Noir

Appellation: Casablanca 

Weichafe Pinot Noir wine is fermented with native yeasts, it has a fragile and delicate structure, a bright cherry red wine.

Nota de Cata

The nose is fresh and cheerful, with notes of berry fruit, undergrowth and herbaceous aromas of a noble land, as it is the mission of this Weichafe. On the palate, it is an elegant wine, with cherry notes, delicate lively, very good balance between alcohol and acidity, sparkling, with very soft tannins, without being insipid, and a very high natural acidity leading to a long and deep finish.

How to drink it and pairing it

We invite you to consume it between 13º and 15ºC, ideally with cebiches (fresh marinated fish), cooked fish and seafood, cheeses, pasta and salads, as an aperitif or simply to enjoy it in the company of friends, loves ones, family and the tribe.

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