Weichafe Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Casablanca

Weichafe Sauvignon Blanc is a rough white, powerful and rich in acidity, without wood. Wine of crystalline colors with greenish nuances, sparkling in the mouth, with a very balanced natural acidity.

Tasting notes

In the mouth it shows citrus flavors and a long acidity, with a medium body.

The grapes are harvested at night, to avoid oxidation due to the temperature of the day, they are sulphated during harvest, in such a way that they arrive in perfect condition at the winery, once they are pressed, cooled and, after a decanting natural, the lees are separated, leaving the juice very clean, for fermentation.

The processes are protected from oxidation to keep the varietal characteristics intact. A powerful acidity gives it excellent structure and depth. Young, vibrant and fruity wine.

How drinking it and pairing it

Consume it between 10ºC and 12ºC with seafood, cebiches, cooked fish and shellfish, as an aperitif or simply to enjoy it in the company of friends, lovers, family or the tribe.s

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