Weichafe Shiraz

Apellation: Casablanca

Weichafe Shiraz is a red wine from the Santa Rosa in Casablanca Valley, its slow maturation allows it to keep its varietal characteristics intact.

Tasting Notes

Fermented with native yeast, this Shyraz has a fragile and delicate structure, a brilliant tones red wine.

On mouth it is fresh and cheerful, big acidity with notes of red fruits as blackberry and strawberries, species and herbaceous notes from a noble land such as the mission of this Weichafe.

Flavors of violet, bay, wet rocks and more pepper decorate the purple fruits.

This style of this extremely cool weather Syrah can be divisive, but this is a brilliant version for those who crave the savory experience.

On nose, aromas of underripe blackberry, seaweed, green pepper, rosemary, lavender and charred lamb.

How to drink it and pairing it

Depending on the environmental conditions, it can be served cold, 13ºC without any problem, it can be served as an aperitif, with strongly flavored cheeses (Gouda, Emmental, Gorgonzola or goat or sheep cheese). With hams and sausages, assorted herbs, black olive paste, capers, hummus, olive oil and ciabatta bread.

Red meats such as lamb, beef and pork, or game such as rabbit or wild boar, are an excellent pairing for this wine. They can accompany various pastas, in addition.

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