Weichafe Shiraz


Sauvignon Blanc



Weichafe Shiraz is a red wine from Santa Rosa, in the Casablanca Valley. Its slow maturation allows it to maintain its varietal characteristics intact.


Our winemaking process begins with a one-week pre-fermentation maceration, allowing the extraction of precious compounds from the grapes.

Then, fermentation takes place for two weeks, using native yeasts and organic nutrients to enhance the expression of the wine.

After this stage, we perform a one-week post-fermentation maceration, further enriching the structure and complexity.

With one month of aging in tanks, the wine is carefully transferred to recycled barrels, where it benefits from micro-oxygenation and tannin softening for two years.

We gently stir the lees monthly to enhance its elegance and balance. The result is an exceptional red wine with character, smoothness, and a remarkable expression of the terroir.

Tasting Notes

Fermented with native yeast, this Shiraz has a fragile and delicate structure, displaying bright tones.

On the palate, it is fresh and joyful, with high acidity and notes of red fruits such as blackberries and strawberries, as well as spicy and herbaceous notes from a noble land, fulfilling the mission of this Weichafe.

Flavors of violet, laurel, wet rocks, and more pepper decorate the purple fruits.

This style of Syrah for extremely cold climates may generate divisions, but this is a brilliant version for those who want to enjoy a flavorful experience.

On the nose, aromas of underripe blackberry, seaweed, green pepper, rosemary, lavender, and charred lamb.

How to Drink and Pair

Depending on the ambient conditions, it can be served cold, at 13ºC, without any problem. It can be served as an aperitif, paired with strong-flavored cheeses (Gouda, Emmental, Gorgonzola, or goat or sheep cheese). It goes well with ham, sausages, various herbs, black olive paste, capers, hummus, olive oil, and ciabatta bread.

Red meats such as lamb, beef, and pork, or game meats such as rabbit or wild boar, are an excellent pairing for this wine. It can also accompany various pasta dishes.

Weichafe – Origin of the Name

In Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche people from central-southern Chile, it means “warrior”!

It is no coincidence that the small wine producers chose this name for their brand, as it perfectly reflects their fighting spirit and their efforts to position themselves in the competitive wine market. They are true wine warriors!

So, the next time you try a Weichafe wine, remember that behind each bottle, there is a team of passionate warriors dedicated to bringing the best of their lands to your glass. It is truly an honor to enjoy their effort and dedication with every sip!

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