Weichafe Sauvignon Blanc

Weichafe Sauvignon Blanc is a rough white, powerful and rich in acidity, without wood. Wine of crystalline colors with greenish nuances, sparkling in the mouth, with a very balanced natural acidity.

On the palate it shows citrus flavors and long acidity, with a medium body.

On the nose, grapefruit, lime, mixed with passion fruit and tomato leaf aromas.

The grapes are harvested at night, to avoid oxidation due to the daytime temperature, they are sulphited during the harvest, in such a way that they arrive in perfect conditions at the winery, once pressed, they are cooled and, after a natural decantation, they are they overflow, leaving the juice very clean, for fermentation.

The processes are protected from oxidation to keep the varietal characteristics intact.


Weichafe in Mapundungun, the language of the native peoples of central – southern Chile, means “Guerrero”, a true reflection of the efforts of small wine producers to position themselves in the market.

The valley of the wineries of Casablanca, one of the main poles of premium wines in Chile, is only one hour from Santiago and 30 minutes from Valparaíso.

The Casablanca Valley, one of the main premium wine poles in Chile, is only one hour from Santiago and 30 minutes from Valparaíso.

Due to its proximity to the sea, it has been able to develop high-quality wines and first-class gastronomy, Casablanca has become a major tourist destination in Chile offering accommodation, tours of the different vineyards and wine tastings.

Within the Casablanca valley is the Las Dichas area, the micro valley closest to the coast, where the Weichafe matures, in the Santa Laura estate.